Was prepping food, found out Anova died...

So I was preparing to do 48 hour short ribs. After searing, bagging, etc., I discover my Anova won’t heat water anymore.

While I wait to hear from customer service, how long do you think I could keep vacuum sealed, seared short ribs with herbs, butter, etc.?

MP, you have our sympathy, how very frustrating.

I hope you are keeping the meat cold.

As long as one of your “etc.” isn’t fresh garlic refrigerated holding time is about 72 hours and up to several months if frozen. Be certain to date and label as raw or uncooked on the package if you freeze them.

Here is a good reference on Garlic including how to store it.

Improper storage can result in Botulism toxins in your food. This can be a serious risk to your health.