Weekend break - Sous Vide Style

So, we are away for break with the family and I did not want to spend time cooking and cleaning whilst away.

We are in a self catering cottage and usually the kitchen supplies are not great, blunt knives rubbish cheap pots and pans etc.

So it got me thinking… prepare everting sous vide at home, keep it sealed and take the Anova with us to re heat.

Currently have a Beef Goulash and crushed potatoes in the sink cooking with the Anova… re heat for an hour plate and serve. Nice and easy!

I have a full roast pork lunch ready for Sunday, just reheat the pork, mashed potatoes and carrots… sear the pork in a pan… done!

Glad I brought my buddy Anova with us… don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before!!!

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That is a great idea.
I always bring a set of knives with me as I cannot stand dull ones.

John, yes, always a good knife, plus my thermometer and tongs.

When packing and chilling your Goulash flatten the packages as much as you can so it both cools and reheats quickly and safely. I aim for about an inch thick. Yes, that usually means multiple packages of menu items, but they easily stack for transport and reheat quickly. And best of all, relatively worry-free.