What is happening with my precision cooker?

Hi community,
I will keep it short due to my poor english🥲

Is there anyway to fix this?

Poor english or not, the picture needs better explanation, guessing leads to confusion.

EXACTLY what happened to lead to the numbers showing?

I simply switch it on as usual and this happenedđź« 
Everything was fine few days ago

TRY THIS (no promises to fix it though) as i’ve said it is microchip controlled, they crash from time to time (though it may also be another fault)

Unplug it completely & allow any residually stored energy to dissipate for 3 or more days.

Find a power outlet in the home or elsewhere with an actual on/off switch.

Switch it on, if it still shows the fault rapidly cycle the power via the button so that it hopefully clears the loop it is in & resets…

NB: I was turning it on long enough to see the display reset (mine was stuck, it was new having entered the code) whilst it remained stuck (trying to reboot) I flicked power off again, then on again till I could see the fault had cleared, it has functioned normally ever since.

(Worked for my pro unit)

Otherwise you may have a crashed sensor in there which needs disassembly (videos on this & replacement if you know a capable electronics guy)

Or a new unit if not, looks like an original generation model that has served well.

BUT, if you do some research then I think you might have a failed temp sensor, try this first just in case it is a program loop crash though… let us know, there is lots more detail IF you look in the archives for this sort of thing, the number of units sold means a lot of quirks & oddities showing up along the way.

Fingers crossed for a quick fix…

THIS THREAD might provide info if it cannot be reset…

Thank you for reply, I m going to do as u advised tmr