Where is the Android App. Seriously. This thing is 5 months over due now


I’ve been patient. I waited many. many months after the campaign ended on KS, and you were delivering your sous vides before asking the first time. That was over 4 months ago now.

Where the hell is the Android app. I bought this sous vide for one reason - the connectivity and promise of doing more via a full featured app. Calibration. Timing. Changing sous vide temperatures on a schedule. I already own a Nomiku, I didn’t need a second sous vide. But I backed you on Kickstarter for one reason - the connectivity and advanced features promised via the APP.

Please, please, please stop dicking us around. Your last KS update is early February. If one digs deep enough in this poorly organized forum, you can find mention of “a schedule will be announced soon” or “we’re working hard on it”. We need more. We need
a) proof you’re actually working on an Android app (screenshots would be nice)
b) a definitive timeline for when it will go beta
c) a public beta program
d) a final V1 of the app
e) regular updates.

I currently do not recommend Anova to any of my foodie friends for their sous vide option for two reasons only - your company’s inability to communicate properly with its community on these issues and the missed promises. Three months ago I said “time to step up Anova and start being real about the Android app, when it will be delivered, etc” and got… nothing from the company other than vague promises.

PS poor Windows Phone folks; if Android is taking this long, they’ll probably see their stretch-goal promised (which means no promises) app in 2018.

I hear you on the communication issue (droll huh?) but really, there are already three perfectly good Android apps that I’ve been using for the last month, all of which do pretty much everything you want. Sure they’re not Anova branded but won’t they suffice until the official one comes out? There are links to the Google Play store for each in another thread, let me see if I can find it.

@Simon_C I think I’d be more accepting of the “just use another app” argument if not for the fact that the two apps I can find easily on the Play store are paid apps. I know it is only a couple of bucks for them but I object to having to pay money for an app that does what the Anova’s free app should be able to do and was a big selling point of the Anova Precision Cooker in the first place.

If it’s to have the poor functionality of the iOS app, you better buy the existing Android ones ! That app sucks big time !

I appreciate that you want to provide “an awesome app” but it’s time to release “a functional app” and make it more awesome over time.
have you not heard of the concept of “minimum releasable feature set” for software development?
how about release one that does on, off, temperature control. add the rest in with future releases.


Now 9 months later and still problem ridden.

Seems that the wifi APC is still not ready for prime time