Wifi or Bluetooth

Hello! I’m about to purchase my first Anova Sous Vide. The site I am led to to order online gives me the choice of bluetooth or wifi. I’m really not sure which one to take. Maybe Bluetooth is more reliable if I am somewhere the wifi isn’t so great?

Bluetooth has a very limited range and it is normally usable within your house or apartment. With Wi-Fi you can be anywhere you can get a signal or use the data on a mobile phone.

The Wifi has also bluetooth included plus 100W more power :wink:

As I wanted to cock more often vegetables and dessert which needs higher temperatures than beef, I have chosen the Wifi to reduce heating time.

But maybe you want do do some bigger jobs, save the extra charge for Wifi and get 2 or 3 Bluetooth APC :smiley:

Thank you John and Mr Beta. Value your advise. I don’t value my impatience!! I went for the blue tooth one. aaarg!!! I will try and call the shop to change it to the other one. HUGE THANKS!!

Hey @LizaQ have you already reach out to support to stop the order?