Wifi security question

So far I love my Anova wifi. My question is from a security perspective, how does the unit connect to my phone when I am on a cellular network? I am pretty sure my router doesn’t have any open ports. Am I missing something? Do I have to worry about someone gaining access to my home network?


It works the way a lot of other cloud-based appliances do as well as any PC’s or Mac’s that you have auto-update - they establish a secure encrypted outbound session to their cloud infrastructure.   The client on your phone does as well - communication via your phone app and the PC is done over this secure connection.   (They could also at that point negotiate a direct connection, to minimize traffic to the cloud, but there are advantages to keeping the cloud as the security broker).

So, really, the only exposure would be if ANova’s cloud was compromised…and then, the way the secure connection works, the hackers would only be able to access the PC anyways.  (both pretty remote risks in terms of the safety of your other items on your home network).

Great, so Anova runs a central server. I would feel a lot better about the security if they posted that.

This is not “just like autoupdates”. I can’t get at the computers and servers without port forwarding because my home router is setup to block outside access.

Actually, it is like autoupdates.  The update service / daemon polls the OS vendor’s update service (outbound connection).   If you have external services querying items on your internal subnet, that’s a little odd (not something I’d want to open up myself).