Wifi sucks.....

I literally just set up an entire new network in my apartment just to use ANOVA since it would not connect to my google wifi… Why sell a device that doesn’t work with modern technologies?

I broke out an old wifi router and created a new 2.4G network just for my anova… THe password just has lower case and upper case letters and it still will not connect…

Contact Anova support and they should be able to give you a hand.
(I wish I had some better advice or ideas you could try, but the WiFi on mine has no problem connecting and has worked fine for the last year and a half, so I’ve no personal experience trouble shooting it.)

Just went through 3 different routers and a couple hours with Anova Support over Facebook messenger. Sent multiple log files etc… no luck

All the food I purchased to sous vide this weekend is now not happening, they want me to send it back…told me it was a defective unit. I do not have high hopes that any of the units will connect to my wifi at this point.

Thinking of going back to Mellow at this point. 5G works on it and you can connect multiple phones for different users. I am not see any advantages at this point.

You don’t need WiFi to cook. The Anova can be set from the controls on the head of the unit. WiFi connection of the device is just a gimmick. It is not essential.

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Not really… The mellow was game changing because I could cook an amazing meal while I was at work. Both me and my significant other both work and for both of us to come home to perfect steak or perfect chicken was absolutely not a gimmick.

Wifi is game changer.

I’m afraid I disagree entirely.

I have been using sous vide processing for cooking meals for almost 3 years now. I have a Wifi unit and one without. I frequently process foods for up to 72 hours while I am not at home. After the first 6 months of use I no longer felt the urge/need to check in on the cook to make sure that the device is still at the temperature that was set.

Similarly, I no longer have the urge/need to contact the device and set it running from a remote location.

I think much of it comes down to familiarity and understanding of sous vide processing. There is very little in sous vide processing that can be considered time critical.* The processes at sous vide temperatures happen slowly. There is little discernible difference between a steak cooked for 2 hours and one cooked for 4 hours and can even be run out to 8 hours without any major detriment to enjoyment. The 8 hour steak will be noticeably more tender.

Items that you do not feel comfortable running out to 8 hours on, like chicken breast, simply batch cook them in advance (to pasteurisation) when you are able to attend the cook, shock chill and refrigerate. They can be heated and finished on the day you wish to consume them.

  • Sea food, fish and eggs are about the only things that are time critical for sous vide processing.

Count me in on Ember’s Set and Forget Team.

One of the most challenging aspects of fully adapting to the SV cooking technique appears to be breaking with conventional cooking thinking and habits which is mostly checking on cooking progress to prevent overcooking.

Gentle Community Members, overcooking can’t happen with your Anova.

If you are a new adapter to SV and have equipment reliability concerns, run your first few cooks while present and don’t begin with those of long duration. Statistically, most new equipment failures occur in the first 30 days of use and often right out of the box. It’s one of the more lamentable features of 21st Century life.

So I can cook anything from 10-12 hours and it will still taste like the 4 hour cook time?

Mike, i didn’t suggest you should turn your brain off along with your wifi.

An experienced cook like yourself knows well that SV cooking times are product dependant.

So can I put chicken thighs in at 6am and have dinner ready at 6:45 without the meet getting weird?

Hi Mike,

Regarding personal use of the WiFi functionality I have to admit that I’ve reached the same conclusion as Ember. I used to check remotely that my cook was “still going fine”, but now I no longer bother. So WiFi is sort of a “nice to have” but I wouldn’t miss it if it were gone.

As far as how you expect to use it…if you are planning to have the food waiting in the bath most of the day and then turning it on to cook a couple hours before getting home then you’re correct that WiFi is something you need. Your chicken example is a good one. Chicken cooked for 12 hours may have a texture you would not prefer. The Ice Bath function on the Anova will let you put that chicken into an ice and water mix in your cooking container and the Anova will “kick off” its cook cycle at the time you designate. Until then your food will be kept at a safe temperature in the ice water. If the ice melts to soon and the temp rises to the point where bacteria might start multiplying the Anova will start cooking early, so even if your ice melts your food will be safe to eat. To use the Ice Bath feature you need a WiFi connected Anova.

I hope this works out for you. Honestly I think you’d probably be happy with what you can do with the Anova even without WiFi, but better to have it and not need it than need it and no have it!

Good luck!

Editing to add a link to the Ice Bath feature!!! :slight_smile:

I checked out your link to that “Mellow”. The Mellow looks pretty cool, but for me paying three times more money than I did for my Anova WiFi for a feature that I might require once in a great while (and which I can get using the ice bath feature on the Anova) wouldn’t make sense. But I see how the Mellow would address your need. I hope the new Anova works for you and you can save the money!!!

Mike, I understand your frustration as I just went through the replacement process. It took me 8 days to get my replacement and it hooked up to WIFI very quickly and has worked well on cooks.

What has happened to our public discourse that we can’t accept that someone wants to do something in a different way than we do. Mike has a legitimate use for the WIFI function.

Respect each other and this world would be a better place.


Thanks! I took mine apart and got it working. First few meals have been great! Thanks for being welcoming also!

Great news. I hope it gives you long service and many great meals.

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I actually bought the Bluetooth-only model for this reason. Having wifi would be an advantage in the case of long cooks with a power outage - if I set it up in the morning, head to work, and the power goes out 20 minutes later, I’m in trouble. Being able to reactivate it from work is a perk I would’ve paid for if I knew I could set it up on my wireless.

Funny you would bring that up. Today I was in the middle of a 50 hour cook and a big thunderstorm hit. We had two very brief power interruptions but that was enough to kick off the Anova. I got that back but not WIFI so I’ll finish the cook and then try to figure out the WIFI. When I restarted it had the right temp setting but reset the timer to 50 hrs. Don’t lament not getting the WIFI. It’s a waste of money because it’s so unreliable. I love my Anova when everything is working but I’m tired of getting my hopes dashed by the problems that keep arising.

I have had great success with a WIFI equipped Pellet Grill but Anova cannot or will not fix their connectivity and interface problems. Their support team works hard to placate disgruntled customers but I see problems that have existed for 2+ years and Anova management is unwilling to fix them and that makes me feel that management doesn’t care about current Anova owners. I’ve been on the fence about my backup Immersion Circulator. I like the physical machine that Anova produces but the electronics have convinced me to look elsewhere and I won’t recommend Anova to friends and family.

UPDATE: When the timer expired I received a notification on my phone. The app was telling me it wasn’t connected but I was too far away from the Anova to get Bluetooth so WIFI was connected but the app didn’t recognize it. But, of course the development team is working on it.

UPDATE: Reinstalled the app and everything works. Not looking forward to the next power blip during a cook but there is a way of dealing with it.

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If I remember correctly the Google mesh wifi system doesn’t split the 2.4/5Ghz bands, and uses the same SSID for both bands and does band steering. It is likely placing the Anova unit and your phone on different wifi bands. I believe that’s why you old 2.4Ghz router works. Atleast that is what I ran into with mine. I not longer have my Velop mesh system so I can’t test if it works on the same band but different nodes.