Won't connect to wifi

Just got my wifi PC.  Able to pair it with the iOS app, but I’m never prompted to enter my wifi network password.  Am I missing something?

Do you have the WiFi app? It’s a white A on a black background. Only available in beta testing right now. Check your email. They sent out invitations late last week. Otherwise, the instructions to download are on these forums. Do a search and you should find it.

The wifi APC will connect via Bluetooth, but unless you are using the beta app you won’t see the wifi bit.

Help, I have the app, and it will pair with bluetooth, but, despite repeated attempts, it does not see my wifi.

I also had an issue connecting the device to wifi - Bluetooth discovered the device immediately but then trying to have the device initially connect to wifi the error message said whoops. I attempted another dozen times and then returned it. I bought another one and am having the same issue. Who is testing your product?

I upgraded to the new wifi app and before I can connect to wifi I need to know the MAC address of my Anova wifi unit. I have asked a rep here and she is sending the request for info to their tech support. If anyone knows how to find the MAC address before I get it from tech support can you please let me know? If no one responds before tech support does I will post what they say.

@jzs - if you have the PC turned on and go into the client list in the administration interface in your WAP, you should see the PC connected.   On mine the MAC starts with ACCF - hopefully that helps.  Why do you need the MAC?

@Steve Meyer - two units and you still can’t connect?  Methinks the likelihood is that it’s something that you’re doing, rather than you’ve received a defective unit (chances are there wasn’t anything wrong with the first one).

- No hidden SSID’s - at least for setup
- 2.4GHz only (if you have a 5GHz network named the same, forget it in your phone prior to setup, so there’s no danger of being connected to it).
- Only 802.11b/g/n, NOT 802.11AC - if you have a newer WAP that supports AC, make sure you haven’t forced it into only that mode
- No MAC filtering (turn it off prior to setup - you can turn it back on after setup, once you’ve added the PC’s MAC to your include list).
(btw - MAC filtering really only causes a marginal delay for anyone wanting to get onto your network)
- And, yes, WPA/WPA2 Personal is supported - if you have a WAP that was meant for the corporate/SMB market that supports WPA2 Enterprise, you may want to tone it down to personal - see if that makes a difference.

Once the PC is connected to ANova’s cloud via your wifi connection your phone can use any data path it likes to get to it.

> I just received this tonight and was just about to return this to Amazon the very next day.  What’s the point of buying an expensive wireless network device (regardless of what it is) if the wireless network feature doesn’t work?  

Just to preface my tech knowledge I am a network engineer, 19 years in.  My assessment of this device?  Spotty, extremely and very very spotty.  It is hit or miss to get it connected to your network.  

It took me an hour to get this device to connect but I finally did.  Tested through Android LTE connection with no BT or Wireless connection.  Yes, there are some basic steps to make sure you have the settings correct on your phone\pc\laptop\tablet but it shouldn’t be this hard to get it to connect.  Once you DO have it connected it is on the network for good unless the environment changes.  

I will cut the rest of this story short.  I have tested and modified numerous settings in my 2.4ghz router to get this to work and ultimately my assessment is such:

You will have to constantly attempt to change any variable within all 3 devices to get it to sync with each other.  My three are as follows:  1. My router 2. My Galaxy Note 4 and 3. The Anova itself.  

What this means is keep resetting the Anova as per Anovas instructions to reset the device AND\OR keep killing the Anova App on your smartphone, clearing cache, and data, and force stop AND\OR keep changing any variable on your router settings thru admin.  You have to constantly cycle between these three to get the app to finally sync (or Catch) all three devices.  It is actually quite sad.  

The last thing I did was force two password changes on my router after cycling between all three devices and that is when it connected after the router saved the final change.  So, a setting change in the router (refreshed) and I was connected.  

Maybe just buy the Anova bluetooth version.  It is on sale right now on Amazon for $139.00 ends in a few hours.  Good luck.

@Skunkpu Wow!  Reviving old threads to post your rant multiple times.  How is that constructive?

You’ve been in technology 19 years and you don’t even understand or comply with basic forum etiquette?  Doesn’t reflect well on you acting this way.

You posted 23 days ago.  I suppose in some cultures that would be an old thread.  If you need to understand why I posted to three different threads I will inform you.  Three different people posted asking for help for this same issue.  If you were to post something on a community forum asking for help would you go straight to your post or another persons post for the answer.  You would go to yours of course.  

Am I to understand this is not an informal community resource forum?  If you are the moderator of this forum by all means delete my posts.  You could save yourself the frustration of having to deal with someone that is just trying to help others as well as save us from witnessing what a horrible person you are.  Criticizing someone that is just trying to help others; who does that?  You do.

Oh man, so frustrated. Having the same issues with connecting my Anova to WiFi. Tried reinstalling the app, resetting router, making sure my network was visible, etc. The thing I find more odd is that it has been working fine for me for the last 4 days, but all of a sudden it stopped working. It was working amazing before. Don’t know what happened. :frowning: