Would be nice to have recipe save categories for vacuum chamber!

As i’ve burnt out a few vacuum sealers over the years the Anova chamber is of great interest to me.
Part of the anova “charm” are recipes that are to hand, & able to be favourited, this isn’t the case for the chamber unit, can it be piggybacked into a subfolder of the anova s/v appso it is all in one place?

Seeing things I want to make promotes the possibility of purchase, serving as a tasty reminder of kit to get.
The immediate disadvantage we have in the uk is same price in £’s as dollars, so it is excruciatingly expensive compared to anything else (bigger, for proper joints) size versus cost, the mix of settings & infusion elements are what make me want to bite & experiement with but cost is the biggest hold out, as I’m already used to long term infusion to produce results via ageing & there is nowhere in the uk that i’m aware of to sample product the anova produces via a seller / distributor to evaluate & in all likelihood actively promote myself based on simple food done well.

So what are my options in the uk?

& what is the cool down the unit requires? (to give you an example when infusing vanilla sugar I went through 25kg …a worthwhile slog having spent a month daily massaging split vanilla pods into 1 lb bags of sugar, then partially vacuuming them when put up for sale for a fundraiser.

(they sold well)