About purchase of Anova Cooker online

Hi all,

I have no then experience purchasing Anova Cooker online. I have following points expected to clarify;

  1. Whether the price offered online includes the delivery charge e.g. if purchased from Hong Kong?

  2. If the Anova cooker upon arrival found defective where can I have it replaced?

  3. If the defected Anova cooker needs to be sent back to USA for replacement who will bear the delivery charge, 2 ways?

  4. How long will be the warranty period?

  5. In the warranty period which party shall bear the delivery charge, 2 ways, for sending the defective device back to USA for repair and back?

Please help. Thanks


Hi there Satimis,

To answer you questions:

  1. The price online does not include shipping, but shipping is free in most places (it is for Hong Kong), you can look here for shipping prices and informations: https://support.anovaculinary.com/hc/en-us/articles/201725960-Where-does-Anova-ship-to-and-how-much-is-shipping-

  2. If your unit is defective, there are free returns for the first 60 days after you order, and a refund (if you order through anova, this is not the case for 3rd party sellers, or other outlets). There is also a one-year warranty in the case an issue comes up later.

  3. The first 60 is free shipping, and afterwards, the same is true for the warranty, but there is not the refund option, just a replacement.

  4. Warranty is for 1 year.

  5. Free shipping for return under warranty.

Hope that helps!

I live in Thailand, I asked my friend to bought an APC and take it back to Thailand with her ( she is coming back to Thailand the end of this month). I just look up the warranty policy, Thailand is not in the shipping list. So if my APC has a problem what can I do?

@Jitlada If you run into any issues with your APC, you can still reach out to support@anovaculinary.com and they can help with whatever you need!

Can I at least get info about shipping who will bear the cost for both way, if the item still in warranty?

Hey @Jitlada I can confirm that with you - I’ll ask support and get back with you on this.

Thank you!!!