About this forum layout.

When I first joined this community, a few days ago, I found this forum software to be frustrating and non-intuitive. I thought to myself, why don’t they just use established software, like vBulletin, or something. Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I really like it. It’s different. (To say the least.) I like how they use our avatars to let you know, at a glance, who’s commented in a thread, and in somewhat, what order.

I like this place.

Yeah, we’re using Discourse to support this forum. Is there any other feedback you have about the platform? I’m really interested!

I’m still trying to get a handle on “quoting”. Sometimes it does what I expect and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m sure I’ll get 'er figured out. :wink:

For quotes, just highlight whatever you want to quote and then a gray box pops up that says "Quote. Click on that and it’ll allow you to quote when you comment. This is how it looks like:

In the actual comment box, it’ll look a little weird - but it’ll come out the way it’s supposed to when published.

Tip: On desktop, there are two windows shown when you comment. The left is where you write what you want. The right box shows you how your post will look like when it’s published.

Thanks @AlyssaWOAH, but I figured why I was having trouble. It was a conflict between my browser and this forum software. My browser, (Opera), pops up a “Search | Copy” box, similar to the forums “Quote” box. But Opera centers it on the selected text. So, depending on how much text I select, the Opera box will cover the forum box. In the following image are two segments of two screenshots that I took. The top half shows me selecting a small portion of text. The Opera box covers the forum box. (You can just barely see a bit of the forum “Quote” box above the Opera box.) In the bottom half of the image, I selected a longer line of text. Now you can see both boxes.

This was a bit long-winded, but maybe it will help someone else who might experience the same browser behavior. :sunglasses:

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Ahhhh okay! Glad you were able to figure that out with your browser!

Are there any plans to use an updated version of Discourse? I get an error when trying to add the community site to my discourse app that states “This forum is using an outdated version of Discourse.”

And I found an even better solution . . . use Chrome. :wink: