Anova app connection dropping and reconnecting continuously

Hi Everyone,

My android Anova App is constantly dropping the connecting and then reconnecting. (I see this when looking at the current temperature in the anova app)
Pairing is not a problem but when all is okay it drops and reconnects all the time.

I use a separate Openwrt router (Turris Omnia) after my cable modem and if I use the built in Wifi of my cable modem then the connection doesn’t drop. Sigh

As far as I know I’ve applied the same Wifi settings as when using the built in wifi of the cable modem
Anyone have a clue? I guess it’s a software problem as it does work with the cable modem built in wifi.
I’ve also asked support the same question but I think the answer might take a while.


Hi @Nick87! There was a bug in the latest release of the adroid app, we are working on fixing it right now, and should be all good to go in the next few days, so make sure you get the next update :slight_smile:

So sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Hunter,

Thanks for the swift reply. Ok i’ll wait for the update!
I’ll post in this topic when I receive the update and check if it works.

Bugs do happen, no problem.


I uninstalled and reinstalled my app and it still does it. I am completely frustrated at this point

I am having the same problem and it’s extremely frustrating. This is the third time I have cooked with my Anova since getting it last week, and the fifth time I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app to try and reconnect.

Hi @K9habber and @RollandGroove77 If this is a continuous problem it is best to contact to troubleshoot and if need be get you both set up with a replacement unit. It sounds like it might be a firmware issue.

Hello. I just got mine for Christmas and used it a couple times…both times very difficult to pair up with my Android. I have the latest app. Today the third time using it, the app keeps dropping connection and saying food is ready when I have 45 minutes to go still. Then tries to restore but fails. Does this several times. Is it a defective unit?

Me too. I tried disconnecting and then reconnecting my account.

What a mistake that was. Now all I get is…
OneDrive - phone screenshot…

Stuck on Bluetooth now :frowning:


Did anyone ever get any updates on this? Did getting a new unit fix the issue? I got mine about a year ago, but just recently started cooking with it, and EVERY SINGLE TIME it disconnects and won’t reconnect through the app. Makes it unreliable to leave it at home and go away since I can’t really check in on it.

I’ve had mine since November. Very unreliable connection. Sometimes it works fine, but mostly it either will not connect, or it drops while I’m cooking. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled, etc etc etc there is no rhyme nor reason. I also cannot manually set the timer. I do like sous vide cooking, but would never get another Anova nor would I recommend one or give as a “gift”. My advice? Set temp manually and then use something else as a timer.

Not a very good troubleshooting location here. Anova staff never come over to view the issues?

Just got the new Anova! using for the first time! Start from the store but then lost connection! Called wife and she said it started but if she wasn’t home i would have no way of telling! real need to figure out this problem! This was my reason for choosing this Sous Vide!