Anova keeps disconnecting from WiFi

I’ve got an iPhone X with the latest IOS and the most updated Anova app.


For the last three cooks, my Anova becomes unreachable by the App and I have to reconnect the Anova to get it to work.

Is anyone having this problem and has anyone figured out a way to fix it?

I only have the pre wifi or bluetooth models so I am of no help. Maybe some of outr other members may be able to advise you. You might also try the Anova facebook page.

@SemperFi, I’ve never been completely certain that my Anova properly connected to WiFi so I always keep my phone close by so Bluetooth can connect. But yes, I’m having a similar symptom, but might be a slight different root cause. Having said that, remember that most telephony systems are currently under a considerably higher load as more people, at least for the time being, are now working and being educated from home. The issue may be temporary - but only time will tell.