Anova Precision - Lack of Support

I don’t know what else to do, so I am going to post this here. I bought a Anova Precision Cooker at the end of May, and we enjoyed it so much that we bought our daughter one for Christmas. Sadly, ours quit working between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and I sent an email to Anova requesting support. I was surprised that I received an answer on 1/1/2016, even though the representative wasn’t familiar with my product (she asked me to check the fuse that is located by the power plug, and the fuse is internal on the Anova Precision. She was obviously thinking about the Anova One). I have sent numerous emails since then requesting warranty service and have not had a single response to any of them.

What’s going on, Anova? I’m having a hard time believing that your support is so sub-par. You were really attentive when I was ordering not one but two of your products…I kind of expected the same level of attentiveness when down the road I have problems with your products. What do I need to do to return this product under warranty?



Being on the West Coast (SoCal) and working during the day makes it difficult to arrange for warranty service via telephone, but it appears that next step will be required. I’m quickly approaching the point of frustration with this where I will never buy another one, which is a shame because just two weeks ago I was singing the praises of Anova. It is beginning to appear that I am being purposefully ignored, and I am tempted to caution people on Yelp and Amazon and elsewhere about the poor customer service that I have received. Honestly, how much effort does it take to respond to your customers via email? And then there are those who glowingly praise the high level of support they have received. Are they shills?

Is there some natural event such as fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, that is precluding Anova from contacting me?

I just don’t get it. I don’t want to believe what I am thinking.

This does not sound like a typical response from Anova. THey are also on the West Coast so calling may be a good option.

I have a similar issue. Got a label to ship back my unit on December 31st, sent it in the 4th. The replacement was supposed to ship as soon as my shipment tracked, but it didn’t and I can’t get any answer on when they will ship it…

You guys need to call their support line.   That's going to be the highest level of support.

These kinds of threads are really disconcerting. I agree with the OP, they should have responded to his first e-mail a long time ago. He shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get customer service.

I finally got service… I tried a bunch of things but I found an interface to respond to my service request that is only visible on a mobile phone. I was under the impression that replying to the email was doing the same thing, but it wasn’t. It’s like if there were too many ways to communicate with Anova and not all of them give results, even when you think they should have.

I think they are just swamped and are learning on the fly what it means to be CS for a larger user base.  I contacted them on the 28th of December about a bad unit, On Dec 30th I heard back from them asking to confirm my address.  Then nothing for a week.  I called and left a message on the 6th asking for an update. On Jan 7 they called me an apologized about the delays sent me a pre-paid return label and the promise of “once it tracks, we will ship the replacement” - which they did the next day.  Supposedly it should be here today.

There was a week of delays in there that are really not acceptable.  The excuse I was given was “we were closed for the holidays”  - well, the website states closed major holidays, not "closed major holidays, 2 days before and 3 days after - not including weekends"

A simple “We’ve been experiencing higher than normal volume, and we apologize in advance for any delays” on the voicemail and on the website would have been sufficient to warn people about the delays. Or hire an extra CS person, or move someone from another department for a week or two.  

I hope that Anova can learn something from this year’s fiasco and become a better company for it, because they already do have one of the better products on the market.

I have called and it just goes to voicemail. No level of support. They send you a email back with a very poor version of what was said.

here is mine

Hi my name is Gabe ********. I was part of the kick starter capital(?) campaign on Bluetooth. Susie and I ordered two of them from you guys. Alright anyways I just wondering if there's any replacement parts available like a motor the motor is gone out on on one of my unit and so just wanted to get it repaired but I don't obviously have parts for it. So if they're available please let me know. My email it's diver ********* Thank you. Bye

The transcription was butchered. I think they need to invest in better phone support, one that will pick up the phone. after 3 different days of trying still no luck.

> @fischersd said: >
You guys need to call their support line.   That's going to be the highest level of support.