Anova pro problems

Has anyone else had problems with the Anova pro? I got one last week from target, cooked ribs and it broke in about 24 hours. So I sent it back to target and they sent a replacement. Received my new one today, and the touch screen wouldn’t work out of the box. Wondering if Anova isn’t the best brand to buy as it is my first Anova machine I’ve owned. I own a Instant pot sous vide stick and that thing has never failed me, but want something to handle bigger longer water baths. Anova response to both problems is to just sent it back and they will send out a new one, but if I finally get one that works, what’s to say it won’t break down in a few months and I’ll be going through all this again. Let me know.

Whether something is the best brand or not would depend on the criteria you’re rating it on. While I do not have an Anova Pro, I do have a Anova Precision Cooker Bluetooth model, and I’ve had it for several years. I works just fine (I don’t use the app). I’ve also had a home-made set up, and I have a ChefSteps Joule. There are many brands out there, and some may be better than others, but again, it depends on how you’re judging the brand. Just like with anything mass produced, there are going to be bad units that come out. You might just have gotten unlucky. If Anova, however, is going to replace all the bad units until you get a good one, I don’t necessarily see a problem if you’ve only had 2 units. If you get another bad unit, then there might be a problem, but I’d give someone a call first, let them know what’s been going on, and see if there is anyway to avoid getting another dud. If you still have the same problem, maybe check out other brands. That’s my 2 cents anyway.

Initially after the second one, I was kinda like screw it. But my first one did work, and I did have it for about a day. It’s solid built, feels expensive compared to my instant pot one. I REALLY want one of these now that I’ve had a taste. I’m just frustrated with getting two duds. I have a 26 liter container that it’ll be used in. My other one does the trick, but I want more power behind the circulation is my main reason for getting it.

I can only suspect that Anova equipment is made in China or another low cost Asian country where price is has become the dominant specification, not Anova’s former consistent quality and reliability.

How do we tolerate this situation in 2020 where the customer has become responsible for quality control?

And how do we tolerate China being the sole source of many of our drugs and medical equipment components too?

Cooking appliances? OK, if price is our only concern. But now it’s not as if the drug, medical equipment, and medical supply companies currently with products critically short in supply operate on razor-thin margins and were forced to export their manufacturing to survive. Take control of your country back from the lobbyists.

Thank you, and now back to your SV cooking Community.

Just got my 3rd from the Anova company. Seems to be working right now. I turned it to 180 degrees and am going to let it run for a few hours and see what happens. If I had to rate Anova customer service, I’d say it is like a 3.5 out of 5. Their trouble shooting part of the company is just eh. I talked to two people from this part of the company. Only one had tips the other one didn’t. They say when UPS received the package, it would trigger my new Anova to be sent out and it would take 3-5 days to get it. My new one shipped like 3 days after they received my broken one and they didn’t send me new tracking info until I asked for it. It’s not horrible customer service, but if we take amazon for instance, their customer service is insane. They are on the ball by the second. If Anova wanted to know how they could do better this is one way. Just praying this pro works.

Chris, your feedback on service post isn’t particularly helpful to other users like you here at COMMUNITY.

Try sending it to SUPPORT as an opportunity for Anova’s improvement.

In the past 10 days we have bought two Precision Pro machines. The first one allowed us to cook dinner. Then, next time we plugged it in…nothing except water temp. Buttons not responding except “+” So we returned it to Amazon and they shipped another. The second one arrived D.O.A. and was totally unresponsive. $399 is a price when I expect the purchase to work?

Just bought the Precision model today at $199 and it seems to be ok except not hooking up to Wifi yet. I will keep trying.

Really disappointed with the Pro model because that is what we really wanted, except maybe one that would work.

Amazon replaced our first non functional Pro model with a sloppily repackaged used model, perhaps a return. It was D.O.A. and would only show the water temp…no buttons working. The replacement had no shrink wrap, packaging was banged up and earmarked… the film on the control head had been re applied because it was loose and had bubbles under the film, etc. We gave up and went to Precision WiFi which seems to work well.