Anova Support not committing to a replacement unit delivery date after defective unit was returned.

I enjoy using the Sous Vide for cooking, however, the unit I have seems to be emitting a nauseating plastic smell when in used. I thought It was just needed to air out the fume and would be better after usage, but that was not the case. After digging around, others who had the same issue had returned their unit for a replacement.

I initially sent a inquiry on how to get my unit replaced (Request: 475097), the conversation went well and I was provided with a return label in timely manner.

HOWEVER, this is where it goes downhill. Upon sending out confirmation that my unit was shipped, I was told that at the same time my replacement was shipped. I waited about two weeks and decided to reach out again (Request: 481295) because I never got any tracking number. At this point, support tells me that they were short on unit and that my replacement was never sent that are struggling to meet production demands due to the holiday season. SO I was misinformed and mislead into thinking I would be able to get my replacement soon.

I’ve asked to get an estimate on when my fulfillment would be met and if there are any other options i.e. getting similar unit or getting refund to purchase an equal value unit at a local retailer that have the unit in stock. The only response I got from support that they are still out-of-stock, did not give me any estimate nor commit to providing further updates.

I just want to get this here for visibility and want to see if anyone else have ever experienced this.

I’m probably going reach out an ask again, i doubt I’d get any new update. I work near the San Francisco, I’m debating if I need to trek over and ask in person or give call to support. I do not feel like I should be the one making the effort when they were the one that had misinformed me.

Wow! Awesome customer experience. Your unit was shipped. Except that there actually wasn’t any unit to ship…

For what it’s worth, I initially received a stinky unit, too. My customer service experience was very different though: my unit was replaced promptly and unbureaucratically.

If your Anova smells like mine did, it is unusable. I would insist on getting a replacement, no matter what stories you are being served about a stock shortage. (I don’t know what consumer law in your country is like. In Australia, where I live, I’m legally entitled to a replacement or refund. Which of these options is my choice, not the seller’s.)

Hey Alan, sorry about this. I’ve dug into this for you + I’ve escalated this to our customer support manager regarding your experience with getting your replacement unit. It’s scheduled to be delivered today and it looks like we’re sending you a Wi-Fi unit instead of a Bluetooth unit, so a bit more horsepower and a lot more range. I will message you the tracking number and shipping details.

Thanks michihenning for your input! Glad to hear others are at least getting decent level of support when reaching out.

Alyssa, thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate the assistance and effort to follow up my request. I’ve received the replacement today.

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I had a complaint like this and anova Nazi moderator closed it the day after i posted!