Anyone in Europe recieved their Nano (pre order) yet?

I was wondering if people who has pre ordered Nano’s in EU has gotten them yet?
We’re in september now and i still haven’t recieved any shipment notification.

I’we contacted Anova Support via e-mail several times the last weeks and the replies i get (after 2-3 days) are vague. I recieved this on the 30th of August:

"We have just recently received an announcement from our Operations Team that all Nano pre-orders have now been forwarded to our shipping couriers and will be shipped out within the next 24 hours.

You should also be receiving an email update within the same timeline and I will also be closely monitoring the status of the shipments so I can keep you updated once your shipping details have been posted.

If you have any other questions regarding your Nano order, please do not hesitate to let me know."

To be quite honest i’m beginning to regret this pre order.
I could have just bought it directly from Amazon now with express shipping - for the same price (99USD) as the pre order was!

What do we get extra for lending our money to Anova for 14 months?

Hey Nicholas we appreciate your patience. Just confirmed with our team that the EU orders for Nano will begin shipping today and tomorrow. You’ll also receive shipping information during that time as well.

Hi Alyssa,
I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow and see. :slight_smile: