Anyone with experience using a credit card extended warranty claim for a broken Precision Cooker? Anova would not replace it out of warranty

When requesting customer support for my failed unit, I was told by Anova customer service that I could purchase a new one with a discount because I’m out of warranty (17 months of ownership)… I’m not paying another $150 for a future brick given I only used my precision cooker ~30 times before it broke, or a cost of $5/per cook. So it was off to try my extended warranty coverage with my credit card.

For my claim, I need to provide:

A copy of a diagnostic from an authorized service center stating what is wrong with the product and whether it is cost effective to repair it.

But as much as I can search, I see no comments, posts, or info on repair options. Anyone gone through this process with any tips or where I can even get a quote (or even repaired) from?

Thanks in advance

*** follow-up / resolution: on my second support ticket with Anova asking for help with documentation for the extended warranty claim, Anova offered to process a replacement for me. I’ve received the replacement and returned the broken one, so my issue is resolved. I don’t have an answer for how to document/prove to the extended warranty manager if anyone in the future needs info.

Providing a copy of what Anova support told you should be sufficient. At $150, it’s a no-brainer. Given the cost of shipping, someone unwrapping the unit, and taking it apart enough to at least diagnose the problem costs more than that.


Unfortunately I included a copy of my support ticket reporting the problem (low water error despite proper water levels) with my extended warranty claim but still am being asked to get the diagnostic.

After the cost of shipping and labor for the diagnostic you’d probably be better off just taking Anova up on their offer of a discount on a replacement unit. And with regard to that, how are you coming up with $150 for a replacement? The most expensive APC is $159 direct from Anova. And the BT unit is only $129. If they are offering you any sort of serious discount then the cost is going to be significantly less.

Perhaps it’s a currency difference. I paid over $200 in my currency for mine.

As for the malfunctioning Anova, have you tried reaching up into the head unit with a paper towel or similar absorbent? I understand that steam can mess up the electronics. Hopefully that will fix any issues. If that doesn’t work, maybe support will be able to write you a note saying that it is not economical to repair?

Perhaps. Since you haven’t indicated which currency you’re using, I can’t say. I’m citing USD, which I suspect OP is as well.

Should have been clear… I originally paid $150 USD for the Anova that is currently not working. I understand it’s cheaper now, but I am still not willing take Anova up on a discounted replacement (whatever off $129 or $159 models they sell today). Too much risk to get another $100+ bricked broken unit a year from given how poor of a value my current broken one was ($150 spent for ~30 cooks, used only every other week) and the lack of any Anova support after the 12 month warranty is up.

I’d rather try buying a cheaper cloned model like the Monoprice Strata which appears at a glance to be a significantly cheaper @ $70, maybe less if waiting for a coupon/sale.

I sent Anova support another inquiry asking what I should provide for my extended warranty claim. Hopefully they at least can support getting that taken care of somehow.

Good luck whichever resolution you choose @jahlapenoez!
I did a bit of research first, and after deciding on the Anova I managed to get one at an excellent sale price. As I’d no experience with the long term reliability of sous vide cookers I decided to spend some of the money I’d saved from that sale price to get a four year extended warranty.
Based on the info I’ve gathered if I were in your shoes I’d probably go for another Anova - and get an extended warranty. Anova’s actually have an overall low failure rate and good build quality. I also considered the Joule as a strong contender, but Anova’s on unit controls and screen plus simply a better price won out for me.

OK, so you knew that getting a replacement would not cost $150.

But…aren’t you working with Anova support even as we speak?