Anyway to "snooze" the beeping when the timer is done?

So once the timer is done, it beeps… which is nice. But it beeps EVERY 5 SECONDS… and this gets annoying. Sometimes I’m in the middle of something and I figure, if I can just finish what I’m doing I’ll get to it in a few minutes (since it can’t overcook!). But because of the constant beeping… I’m having to get up and press the touch button on the front of the unit.

I’ve even tried to stop cooking and set the timer for another 10 minutes from my phone, but that doesn’t work either. Does this not bother anyone else?

I came here to ask this same question. It certainly bothers me ‘your food is done and we will keep it warm - but we’re going to drive you, or anyone else that may be home, insane with the beeping.’ :wink:

The timer on the Anova is useless and it serves virtually no purpose. It’s a royal PITA to set from the cooker itself, it doesn’t turn the unit off, it doesn’t go into a count up mode after timing out, it can’t be programmed to change the temperature of the water bath in timed stages, in fact all it does is beep.  If you have a smart phone in which to connect to the cooker and set the timer, then you have a timer that you can snooze in your pocket right there on the cell phone. Personally, I own both a ThermoWorks TimeStick and TimeStick Trio and I prefer them to cell phone timers, but I can understand why someone might not want to go out and drop $30-50 on a timer.


It’s also dumb that the timer starts as soon as the water reaches the temperature. I want it to let me start the time when I drop the food in - which might be right as the water gets to temp, might be 2 minutes later, or might be an hour later if I turn the unit on before I leave work so it’s at temp when I get home.

I love my TimeStick Trio and I’ll carry it around the house and yard, but if I’m going out, I’ll just use my cellphone timer. But my phone doesn’t make multiple timers easy. I’ll have to see if I can find a good app that does.
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I too love the Time Stick. I cant rely on the timers as I am not standing over the pot while it is cooking. Great thein about Sous Vide a few minutes extra time in the bath won’t hurt anything unless you are doing eggs.

acs, you mentioned snoozing from my app… but I can’t. I literally cannot shut the beeping off unless I turn off the unit by pressing the stop cooking button on the actual unit. Even if I press stop cooking from my app. And even if I initiate another cook to “buy myself time”, it still beeps the whole time.

I should have been more clear, I didn’t mean the Anova app, I meant that you can use your cell phone timer in place of the timer in the app, and that your cell phone timer can be snoozed (typically).  Sorry about the confusion.

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I was going to post the same thing but did a search first. The beeping when finished is HIGHLY annoying. Please fix this Anova. A beep every minute or so would be acceptable.

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I also noticed last night that the beeping doesn’t even stop if I start a new cook! The ONLY way to stop the beeping is to physically unplug the unit. My phone’s timer has failed my before in terms of not alerting me when the time is up so I’m stuck with the Anova timer for now. I also find it annoying (as someone pointed out above) that the cook timer starts automatically when the temp is reached. Have an “alert/accept” button on the app would be a nice feature. The only time it’s useful is with frozen items which I simply drop in immediately, during the preheat phase


I also have the same issue with the beeping.  It is extremely annoying!  Please fix as a priority


I wonder what the idea behind the timer is?

As mentioned above, it does nothing but make your Anova beep. So why should I use it?

It ought to be able to change the temperature or turn the unit of or something else. Right now it’s just a glorified (albeit very cumbersome) egg timer.

If you press the timer button on the cooker, it will stop the beeping without having to unplug the whole unit.

The timer on the Anova is garbage, and effectively useless.  It was OBVIOUSLY added after the cooker was designed-- and is an afterthought.  

The only way to use the Anova properly is to turn it off and on manually from the app and use a separate timer app to time it.  

Yet another product where the idea of controlling it was focused on the app and the buttons on the unit are only there to provide UL compliance.  It would be SO much more useful if they fixed the timer or just eliminated it.

I have a timer I wear around my neck. I never use the app or the built in timer. I set the temperature and my timer and I am good to go.

Team Anova - come on. Everyone here is right. The timer on the unit is a joke. Please reprogram it so it can become useful.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll go ahead and pass this on to the development team and see what can be done about it. I totally agree that is a function that needs improvement (the beeping noise is definitley not the best).

I hope in the meantime your cooks are turning out delicious, and always let me know if there is anymore feedback you can think of!


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I just got my unit yesterday and thought something was defective because I can’t seem to use the cooker without the timer and it won’t stop beeping when done - it couldn’t have been designed to work this way . . … but it appears I am wrong.

This thread has been going on since February and it’s still not been addressed by Anova - that makes me wonder if I bought the wrong brand - I guess I could still send it back to Amazon!

Is there an eta for a fix? Does Anova regularly update the firmware/smartphone app?

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Hey @scottmb! Check that the water is above the “min” line sometime that can affect the beeping noise. Right now though the timer has to either be manually silenced on the app or on the device.

Plenty of water - how do you manually silence the time on the app? I’ve looked and looked, but don’t see that function . . . . .

@HunterC: You mention an option to silence the device from the app… I am looking everywhere in the Anova iOS App and cannot find this “snooze” button anywhere, could you please direct me in the right direction?

As most other people in this thread, I’ve just received my device yesterday and cooked on it for the first time and getting seriously annoyed at that beeping considering the whole point of this sous vide thing is that there is ample leeway to leaving your food in the water bath without overcooking it.

Even considering the device itself, which button do I push to silence the alarm but not stop the water circulator?

Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.