App Crashes

Recently, I am unable to access my saved recipes. As soon as I access my profile the app immediately crashes. Happens on both Android and IOS. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled on both platforms.

Anova Tech support has been quite slow (up to 30 minute pauses on chat) and unhelpful; their initial suggestions useless (involved accessing a menu in Profile, which is obviously inaccessible to me), They asked that I send a video of the problem, which I did and which showed exactly what I described. Their response: we are aware of the problem.

Anyone else have this issue and solve it? Back to a high tech paper and pencil?


About the only thing I could suggest would be to make sure you rate the app appropriately wherever you downloaded it. AND probably give a strong feedback opinion too. Make those ratings visible to others who are likely to download the app and there might be faster action on fixing it.