App integration appears minimal

I received an Anova for a birthday present and am delighted with the device. It’s operation is straightforward and I’m looking forward to my first meal with it this evening. In contrast, I’m pretty underwhelmed with the level of integration between the app and the device. While there are a host of recipes, there is no linkage between the recipe and the device. Rather than my picking a recipe and having the device automatically grab the temperature and time settings, it becomes a manual process. Perhaps the future holds more promise…

@nestorph thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll be sure to share this with the product team (@HunterC).

@nestorph hey Nestor! We do automatically grab the time and temp settings for the recipe. Please double check for me that you are connected to a cooker and it is plugged in and connected to the app while you are browsing. You then should be able to open the controller and the recipe data will be pre-loaded. If that doesn’t work, please let me know. If something isn’t working properly I would love to get to the bottom of it.

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I find the app clunky and unhelpful. It connects the recipe to my Anova with no problem. But I find it easier to manually set the temperature.

I have been using my Anova with wifi for a few months now. I am happy with Sous Vide so far but your iOS App does not perform functions that I consider essential for obtaining optimal results. Grabbing the cook times and temperature is not enough. At the very least there must be a way to override both time and temperature within the app. In addition I would like a way to enter Favorite Recipes of my own. Until these improvements are made I cannot yet rate your app with a good review.

Hunter: I checked again and it does work as you described. I think that I may tried it without the Anovo turned on. However, as other posters here have noted, it’s the bare minimum in terms of functionality. Even the manual mode is lacking–setting the timer is awkward vs. a very clear and simple button that clearly directs a user to that function. I assume that future releases will feature more functionality. Good luck!

Wow. The Joule App just seems so much better than this one. I now use the Joule app for my anova. You pick what meat or veggies you’re cooking, then they give you their favorite temperature, but explain the other temps and what result you will get, then you pick if your items ar fresh or frozen and the thickness so its SO much more accurate and way more intuitive. I love the anova, but man does the app really suck.