APP is installed and not installed on my Kindle Fire

This may not be a question for you but I’ll tell you what happened and if you have any insight…

Soon after getting my APC I tried to install and it would not recognize the Kindle Fire as a bluetooth device. Just now (June 2017) I tried to install it again and it seemed to do so. It went through the mysterious PIN request and accepted 1234. The it showed the APP as installed.

I got out of the browser and looked at my APP list and it didn’t show up. I turned the KF off and back on, still no APP.

I went back into the browser, back to the download screen and it said that the APP was installed. Got out again and looked, No APP on the APP screen of the KF.

Not a lot of problem now since I run the APC manually easily enough, but I am looking ahead to the NANO which looks as if I will be wanting to use the app because of the clamp situation.

Any ideas?

This sounds really bizarre to me. Currently I know the app is not compatible with the Kindle Fire, so I am surprise it was able to even acknowledge the device, even if it were brief. Are you thinking about trying to control the Nano with your Kindle Fire (if possible)?

No, the two Nanos I ordered are Christmas gifts. I don’t worry about the app, I run my APC manually.

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Oh okay. I may have misunderstood.

I have a bluetooth and the Kindle Fire is supposed to be bluetooth also. I was curious about it, but not using the app has not slowed me down. I have a 72 hour short rib batch going right now.

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Shortribs are done.