App says Cook is finished, APC continues regardless

My up-to-date app on iOS is telling me my cook is finished but the timer has over 47 hours to go! The APC is fine and its timer is counting down ok, but the app doesn’t recognise the timer is on (though it reports the right temperature). I’ve tried to close the app and reinstalled but this hasn’t helped.

Any ideas?

This sounds like a bug. Email support - they’ll troubleshoot and dig deeper into this issue for you!

Just worth noting, that the cooker will continue to cook anyway. The app timer is just there to give you notification that your set time has passed. The cooking will continue until you actually stop the cooker.

Right. And it will beep every few seconds until you actually stop the cooker.

No, to be fair the app hasn’t beeped at all. It just simply doesn’t display the remaining time and insists “Your food is ready”

It’s the cooker that continues to beep, not the app.

No, the cooker has continued to work as expected. It’s the app that thinks the cooking should have finished! I suspect this is a bug.

Hi magtape,
In my not so humble opinion the app is not worth anybody’s time. I put hours into it, but keep encountering connection problems (“oops”). On the other hand, the only thing it would be good for is the ice start thing. My advice: just walk to your kitchen and use the controls on your coocker. Cheers!

This is a known bug. There is a thread in the support area on this.

Question, anyone getting this on Android? I have only used IOS and received this too many times.

One fix is to unpair the Anova, delete the app, reinstall, and repair. But eventually it seems to come back.

I found another app that cost 3 bucks in the IOS app store and may try it and see if it has the same issues. May also try it on Android Tablet to see if the problem also exists there

Same problem with android. I opened a ticket with the support team and after uninstall the app, unpair the anova, reset the anova twice they told me the issue is recorded as a bug. They will try to solve it in next versions of the app.

Same problem with Android. Bluetooth issues and keeps telling me cook time is up when it reconnects. Have to reset everything.

Mine did the same thing today.
Was doing a 5 hour steak cook and it went off 2 hours into the cook saying the meal was done.
Went out to look at the Anova and it was still showing 3 hours to go.
Definitely something wrong with the App.

My android phone has an excellent clock app featuring a foolproof timer. No need for the anova app.

I have the same problem, picked this unit because you can use the dial and not use the buggy app for setting the temp. Overall I have had good experiences, just the app is buggy.

Nothing to worry about, its a bug, i also face same issue in my ios device. mybkexperience mcdvoice