Australian Fish

Anova has recipes for fish in the U.S.A. but I want recipes for Australian fish - flake, barramundi, blue grenadier, etc… Does anyone know where to find them?

You could try google. Flake is supposed to be gummy shark, but there are at least 5 other species that get substituted. Actually, other than barramundi, you might find that they might be known internationally under other names. I’d look for related species with google.

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DJE, fish names aren’t a dependable guide in cooking. Like cuts of beef, fish have that annoying habit of changing their names not only between countries but even among regions within countries.

I recommend using your best judgement and compare recipes for similar fish. Large, firm-fleshed deep water fish cook at a higher temperature than soft flesh inshore fish. So in-shore fish generally cook at a lower temperature. Delicate-fleshed flat-fish cook even quicker and at lower temperatures. As always, SV cooking time is thickness dependant. That never changes.

Keep a detailed record of your cooking and make your future SV cooking adjustments to suit your expectations.

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