Calling all Mothers!

Hey nerds! I’m looking for a Mom who lovesss her Anova so much, that she’s doing the cooking on Mother’s Day. If that’s you, let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Does anyone in the community know a few people? @nbmartin @Ember @petersen57 @DAP @Walter_Ego @RichardOL @acs

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Also, shout out to some of our newest community members! Let us know if you know somebody, @colewagoner needs our help! @CQCoder @MaryAnnO @tydi @steveledo @Sergio @Donkeyot @Carlo1 @twojchef

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I have been informed that we will be dining here on Mothers Day.
No Anova in use this Mothers Day

Oh, only the newly award James Beard restaurant of the year! You are forgiven haha!

I’ll potentially be cooking Mother’s Day (and Mum’s birthday) luncheon for two elderly ladies. Still formulating plan of attack, but it’s 9 days away yet.

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I was looking at the creme brulee recipe in the recipe section and wonder if step 7 is correct. “Pour about about 2/3 cup (180 g / 6 oz) of the mixture into 4 pint jars with tight-fitting lids, just up to the bottom of the screw top threads.”

The picture is 4oz jars but they seem to be referring to 8oz jars, and a pint is 16oz.

@RichardOL which creme brulee recipe?

Thanks @RichardOL I will look into it!

Could you also look into the Sous Vide Ultimate Creme Brûlée with Flavor Variations recipe? It says you should divide it between 4 4-8 oz jars, but, as I just discovered, if you divide it between 4 8oz jars there’s too much air and the jar floats up. I ended up using the bag method from Sous Vide Simple Crème Brûlée, but not before making a huge mess! :blush:


Hey @RichardOL, just wanted to follow-up with you on the creme brulee recipe…it’s been fixed! :slight_smile:

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