Can't find my order

I can’t find my order I order mine yesterday and I cant find it in the status order

Did you check under the couch cushions? Maybe behind the washing machine? I’m always finding stuff there.

Ok, seriously, check the spam folder in your email. It might have been directed there. Or, it’s possible that the system just hasn’t updated yet. If you don’t see anything within 24 hours, I’d drop customer service a note asking for your order status.

they said this We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. so do they ship it today or tomorrow

I think that depends on what country you are in and where it ships from. Processing times can be different for different regions. In the US, it’s usually within a day or two IIRC. Canada is similar I believe. Europe can be longer. Not really sure about Asia-Pacific or Australia.

I am in USA America

Checked some old emails, my order (US) was shipped the day after I ordered.

Note, this was 2 years ago.

Hi, do you have an order #? I recommend emailing so we can track your order :slight_smile: