Connection problem

Hello, 2 days ago i started using my wifi precision cooker. Connected it without a problem. However, after i startup a cook with the iOS wifi app, the connection fails, meaning i can’t manage/ monitor cook. I Also don’t receive a message when the cook is complete. What can i do?

Hi @Nicoo! Have you tried contacting out tech support? that is probably the best place for you to diagnose your particular problem.

You can email and out tech team will help you out!

The only thing I can think of that might be happening is that you are just connected to the bluetooth and not the Wifi, meaning that when you walk out of range your phone is not connected to the device.

Did you go through the whole connecting your device to Wifi process?

Yes, I’m only connected to wifi, my Bluetooth is allways turner off. And i’ve completed the wifi connection proces

We recommend leaving your bluetooth on as this helps improve the reliability of the connection, so maybe try turning your bluetooth on.

If that doesn’t work I highly recommend contacting support as they have capacity to help you than I do.

Nicoo, stupid thing for me to ask but you never know…
did you make sure you checked off “allow Anova to send notifications” and as a back up go into the iOS settings just to confirm.

But from reading your post I think it is not just notifications issue something else underlining.

Are you sure you are connected at all?
Is the lights on the PC blue or white?

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