Constant Beeping (Low water level) on brand new unit

Ordered a WiFi unit last week, on first go there was the long drawn out “low water” beep. Even though it was brand new, went through all the steps to dry it, etc. Didn’t work, had a replacement unit sent out immediately.

However, the replacement unit has done the exact same thing… am I just unlucky or is there something I am missing here?

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I would suggest your just very unlucky.

I am not sure he is un-lucky. I think Anova build quality is lacking. My first two units were also broken. The first wouldn’t connect to wifi and the second wouldn’t stir or heat up water…

My third works… but yea their build quality has been awful.

Just an update - turns out we were being sent units from a defective batch. Customer Support arranged for a third unit to be sent from a different batch and can confirm that we have a rack of ribs currently in the sous vide tub cooking away.

When the third one fail (it will eventually) Here is the fix.