Crab stuffed salmon?

Hi all- been enjoying my anova for several months now- it’s fantastic!  My wife picked up some salmon at the store which has a pretty healthy layer or shredded crab stuffed on top.  I’m wondering if I can get away with cooking this the same way I have cooked salmon in the past (122 for about an hour)…  Think the crab will be cooked enough, or at least to the point where maybe I could finish off the crab w/ a torch?  Thanks for any suggestions!

Most all crab sold in stores is cooked already unless it is in a tank and moving.  If it is shredded must be cooked.

Thanks for the reply- that makes sense although I ended up just cedar planking it on my BGE.  That being said I do still want to try it in the anova- just wondering if pre-cooked crab would end up coming out ok sous vide style, or would it end up mushier than baked/grilled.  Again, I do have a butane torch so maybe that would solve the issue.

Hard to make mushy crab IMO. I have even done crab legs in pressure cooker for short time. Were same as stove steaming. I cannot see it going mushy if the salmon doesn’t.