Disconnect and loud beeping

after 3 hours of coking in 82 Celsius the anova

  1. disconnect from the application.
  2. raise up and down the temperature
  3. change the degrees to Fahrenheit.
  4. start beeping loudly
  5. the circulation was stop working

its only the 3rd time that im use the anova

please advice

I’d contact support@annovaculianry.com , they should be able to help you determine if something is not set up right, something odd is going on or if you received a defective unit.

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Any chance there was a lot of condensation on the “head” of the Anova PC? If you look at the back, you’ll see there’s vents (intended to give the electronics an opportunity to cool) - unfortunately, the exhaust vent is several inches below - if the exhaust from that as well as steam from the bath make there way into where the electronics are, the unit tends to act very strange.

Do you think this may be the culprit? Does letting the unit cool down, turning it back on and now it appears to be functioning normally? If so, then just either use a covered vessel going forward or be very mindful about making sure steam isn’t hitting the vents in the electronics area of the PC when you’re doing your cooks.

If not overheating via steam, then, yep, acs suggestion on contacting support is the way to go.

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Here is the fix