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###Everyone Has a Seat at the Table.

Here is where you’re welcome to hang out with other fellow community members and the Anova Culinary team. Feel free to ask questions, gain insights, share ideas, and discuss various sous vide + Anova Culinary related topics. Keep in mind that we like to keep things in here pleasant for everyone. Discourse and debate are always encouraged, however, insults are not.

The community manager along with volunteer moderators will moderate the forum to make sure everything is organized, but we aren’t available to answer support questions 24/7. Additionally, this forum’s purpose isn’t to replace customer support. The best place to seek customer support is with our customer support team at support@anovaculinary.com.

###General Rules & Guidelines:

  1. Spamming is not allowed.

  2. Stay on topic. All posts should be sous vide related. Comments should also be related to the original post.

  3. Respect. No bullying, fighting or commenting with the intent of being malicious. Additionally, no racism, bigotry, or prejudice of any kind allowed.

  4. No “links only” posts. Provide context to what you’re sharing with the community.

  5. This is not the place to vent. Constructive feedback on features and products should be submitted here.

  6. Before making a new thread/topic, check if it already exists. If it does, join in on the conversation instead of creating a new one.

  7. When posting food images, be sure to include time, temperature, and the name of the dish. Just like rule #4, context is important.

  8. Please select the correct tags and categories for your topic.

  9. Be specific as possible. Whether it’s a food question or connectivity help, give details. Help us help you.

  10. Consider your tone and message. Approach discussions, even ones where disagreements arise, with respect to those engaging with you.

If you find something in the forum that goes against the guidelines, flag the topic or post. Moderators and admins will review the flag and act appropriately. If guidelines are violated, topics and posts may be subject to removal and the violating account may be terminated.

###How To Debate

  • Nothing wrong with a good ol’ fashion debate. But, it must remain respectful.

  • Trolling, name-calling, threats, and attacks are not allowed.

  • Politely disagreeing is fine.

  • You’re encouraged to add resources to back up your statement.


How do I report a topic?
Scroll to the bottom of the topic. You’ll see a button called “Flag,” click on that and select the reason for your report.

How do I report a post?
At the bottom-right hand corner of the comment, click on the three horizontal dots. You’ll see a flag icon. Click on that and select the reason for your report.

How do I report a user?
There is no official way to report a user. However, you may report any message, topic, or post from the user. Additionally, if necessary, you can send us a message at support@anovaculinary.com and we will review the issue.

How do I report a message?
Open the message. Underneath the comment in the message, click on the three horizontal dots. You’ll see a flag icon. Click on that and select the reason for your report.

How do I report bugs/issues on the forum?
If there is an issue with the community forum, email us at support@anovaculinary.com.


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