Hanger Steak

Last night I made hanger steak for my dinner. These steaks are not always available in stores and I got this one from our local butcher shop. I asked in one grocery and they said that these were not part of the meat order they get. My butcher said that they are snatched up pretty fast. He told me that with 2 days notice I can order them. Since they are relatively inexpensive ($6.19/lb) and they weigh 1.6 lb. I may stockpile some. The first picture is the raw steak where you can see the grain. When carving it cut across the grain for the most tender slices. On these the grain changes so you need to adjust. The membrane down the middle is inedible. I ate the little bit of meat off of it like it was a bone and gave the remainder to the dogs.

I cooked this for 2.5 hours at 135° and then seared it in a hot pan with a bit of canola oil for about a minute a side. I roasted some Brussels sprouts. I halved them and coated with some good olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper. I put them cut side down on a foil lined sheet pan and roasted at 400°F for about 30 minutes. You can also judge how done they are by the color.

@john.jcb Looks awesome, what’d you think of it? I bet the dogs were pretty happy about the hanger steak scraps! Hanger steak does seem to be a little more difficult to get ahold of around here too, I can find it at the grocery store but it does seem to get swiped up pretty fast and I have to dig for it. I usually end up going with a flank or skirt steak, whichever is cheaper / available but I finally found a good hanger steak a few weeks ago and it was soo good with just a little olive oil and salt, and a bunch of freshly ground black pepper - I think I’ll be waiting in line for opening next time the grocery store gets a delivery. Will have to do a taste test between the hanger and skirt since I can’t remember which I preferred between the two though. Thanks for sharing the before and after! I’m hungry for dinner now, but not having steak tonight. Darn.