My 1St Sous Vide With Anova PC2

Hanger Steak - Pomme Purée & Sauté Brocoli Rabe

130 F/ 54.4 C 1 HR
Finished with Searzall

Hanger steak is one of my favorites. Yours looks very good. What time and temperature did you use? For some reason all the hanger steaks I have done seemed redder than the medium rare color I see on other steaks although the texture was perfect. Maybe it is the cut of meat as it looks darker before cooking as well.

Hi John… 130 F/ 54.4 C Time 1 HR

@ra59 eggs were a favorite pre-sous vied; now even more so. Poached eggs are now a weekend treat where before I rarely bothered

What is the meat in the picture?

Duck Breast…

Aslo Finally Seared with a Searzall

Faux Hanger.  Also know as the sirloin flap, this skinny steak dangles off the loin. Seared hard on all sides to give it a nice crust, this cut’s texture is similar to the one-per-cow hanger steak, a butcher’s favorite.

Another success! Following the Garlic Confit Recipe on this site,

I then purée in my Vitamix. Just beautiful.


My butcher does not remove the flap before he sells steaks or roasts. I need to look around for additional sources.