How To Post Multiple Photos In A Comment

You can post multiple photos as a comment, there is just one rule: it must be within the size limits. It’ll tell you when it’s not.

All members have the ability to post multiple images - there are no settings that prohibit this. But, if you run into blockers, let me know. I can check on things.


  1. Go to a topic.
  2. Scroll to bottom.
  3. Click “Reply,”
  4. Select multiple photos at once.

You may also drag multiple photos to the comment.

Tip: On the left side of the window you’ll find the image URLs. They will be piled without separation. To distinguish each image from each other, keep in mind each image is set apart by < >. You can space them out by hitting the “enter” key, and write whatever text between them.

You can check on how your post will look like on the right window.


  1. Go to a topic.
  2. Scroll to bottom.
  3. Click “Reply.”
  4. Click “Upload.”

To select multiple images, hold the tap.
Or, you can select multiple images, one-by-one, by selecting “upload” for every image.

Two things I have found.

  1. Hit “enter” AFTER you upload the pictures for the spacing you want.
  2. The upload does often makes the width of the pictures different. You can change the width manually a little without making the pictures look different. For example if one width is 665 and the other is 670, just change the 665 to 670 and the post will look much better.

Or you can edit them in later.

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Thank you! @RichardOL

This thread is worthless without pics.

I am usually inclined to disagree with you…but you have a point…:sweat_smile: @acs

Example on how to post what @acs just said, as a screenshot image into the comments:

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Thanks for adding on the photos. Now I am regretting not having steak with my eggs this morning! :stuck_out_tongue: @RichardOL