I ordered WiFi version and got the Bluetooth version

Dear ANOVA Culinary,

I am really disappointed with all the ordering process through ANOVA website. I had already bought a lot online through other website and never experienced such incompetent seller.
I ordered my device almost a week before my co-worker did and he got it 14 days before me. I ordered the device through your website, because I want to give it as a present gift and you said it will arrive on time. Now after receiving it 14 days after you told me that it will be delivered and I miss the chance to give it as a present gift another surprise. You sent me the Bluetooth version and I ordered the WiFi version ….
I really do not know how a company like yours can makes such a mistakes and inconvenient experience for the customers.
You really need to fired some incompetent workers from your company …

Best regards

I got bluetooth version as well when I ordered the wifi. Hopefully someone will answer my email.

Me too. did you resolve this, and if so, how? a new order, kept it and got money back, or something third?

Hi @denis, @storper, and @bequezox, Support should be replying to you in around 26 hours, we are currently handling a large amount of requests, but are doing our best to get back to you asap.

As far as getting the correct unit, you will be take care of :slight_smile: Check out this thread for more info on this issue: I have received the wrong device