Im looking for the Anova Precision Cooker Pro - 120v does anyone have any information about where they can be orderd or why they are so hard to find?

We no longer sell or make those. They’ve been off the market since 2015.

Are you guys still planning on an upcoming “pro” product though Alyssa? (I know there’s been challenges with getting the Nano out, so wasn’t sure if this one’s been cast into the “someday - eta unknown” bucket) :wink:

Yah, the Anova Pro is still on the road-map!

Can’t give you any more details yet. :zipper_mouth: But yes, yes!

If you dont mind me asking why where they discontinued as well as do you have any other larger models that are on pair with the commercial grade one?

What happened to the oven that was announced some time ago?

@Steenturner I am not exactly sure why it was discontinued (it was before my time as an Anova employee), but when I get back into the office on Monday, I’ll ask. We don’t have any larger models currently, like the early Anova Pros. Right now, we just have what you see on our website. It was pushed back - needed some more work done. I am super excited about it too!

Woops! Sorry to keep you waiting. The old Anova Pro was discontinued to focus on our existing models.