Just Received Nano

Won’t connect with Bluetooth. And it is loud. We’re talking shrill, nails on chalkboard, loud.

Anyone else experience this?

That’s not a good experience. Sorry about that. :frowning: And it sounds like you have a funky unit. Please email support@anovaculinary.com and let me know what your customer support ticket so I can have it escalated.


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Hi Alyssa,

Just opened up my Nano, started it up and it also has a very irritating high pitch whine. It’s so irritating to the point, I’ve shut it down and went back to my other APC.

I’ll submit a ticket to support.

We’ll definitely take care of that for you! Thanks for reaching out to support! :slight_smile:


Just to confirm, should the unit be pretty much silent? We definitely have a high pitched whine that you can hear from across the room.


Correct. You should hardly hear it. Hit us up at support and we’ll get that Nano switched out.

Glad it’s not just me! Same sound. Driving me crazy! I sent an email to support.

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I still need to deal with this. Got busy and just switched to using a different IC. Will respond to Support today.

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Anyone get a Nano replaced for the high pitch whine issue and receive one that does the same thing? I got the new one yesterday and first thing my wife asked when she came into the kitchen was “What’s that sound? Do you hear it?” yes…yes I do.

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I have the return label but haven’t sent it in yet. I’m debating just returning it instead of getting a replacement.

Same for me. Loud buzzing sound. Submit a support ticket. Hopefully the exchange will happen quickly. Looks like a quality control issue on the first batch or so out the door.

Just received my NANO in Australia. Horrible loud whine, sending it back. Someone has posted a video online which captures the problem perfectly. Unlikely to seek a replacement as I think the NANO looks pretty flimsy too. I have the larger bluetooth / wireless model and I will stick with that, it’s super quiet, solidly made, and works perfectly.

I am on my third one arriving after returning two

Received my last week. Having exactly the same issue as well:disappointed:

Hey guys, here’s how to reach out to support if you face any issues with any of your cookers. We’ll help.:
support@anovaculinary.com or (855) 421-8282.

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Hi Alyssa, can you provide a video clip with sound demonstrating what a correctly working Nano supposed to sound like? I’ve gone through 5 nanos with Support and they’ve all sound the same.

One of the videos on Youtube:

The normal Anova is a lot quieter, and what little noise it makes is mainly white noise, which easily disappears into the background.

Considering that many cooks go on for a day (or three), if all the Nanos sound like that, I’d hate to have one in my (open-plan) kitchen. It would drive me nuts.

Hi Alyssa, Is there a number for Australian customers?

There’s only one phone number. 1 (855) 421-8282
Support can also be reached via email at support@anovaculinary.com. :slight_smile: