Make it possible to disable the beep sound. Now please!

Have seen massive amounts of comments on this topic, in fact seems to be the main issue customers have. Obviously a mistake in product design, and frankly, a really stupid one. It’s as if those responsible for product design just never tried the produt themselves, which is arrogant and/or a typical sign of a product of poor quality. But the product is otherwise really good, so it seems someone just didn’t do their job right. Anyway, please spare us explanations or suggestions of elaborate “work-arounds”. Please just make it so that if I turn off cooking, in app, by timer, or on the machine or whatever way, there is no beep, unless I specifically choose to have one. And having to disconnect from power and shut off is not a solution. That would mean that the product isn’t at all designed to be used with the app etc. Actually, who even wants a beep? I can set timers or whatever separately. Make beeps optional or remove them entirely. If that’s not possible, eg. if there no way of updating purchased products in this respect, then please tell me how to destroy the beep thinggy (speaker?) with a screwdriver or similar. Oh, and please consider assigning whoever is responsible for this “feature” some new tasks. Kind regards, Peter.

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this is trivial to do, i can remotely silence the beeps from alexa or the cli. for some reason the apps simply dont have this functionality, while the api used definitely does. no idea why.

Hey @Ptrlkrs! Welcome to community! This is a issue we are aware of and are currently working on fixing. I know it is annoying, so sorry, but hopefully it will be fixed soon!

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Good to hear your’re looking into it … please notify if you find a fix. Thanks

Disabling of the beeps would be fantastic!! I started searching for how do do this not because it bothers me a whole lot but terrifies my dog!! Not sure what he is hearing when it beeps but he cannot get far enough away and just shakes!! I love the sous vide but am thinking about getting a different one just so I can use it and not stress my dog out so much!

I’ll enthusiastically second this request/complaint. I LOVE my anova wifi, but the beeping wakes up the kids and freaks out the dogs. Since the wifi app gets all the notifications it’s beeping about anyway, this seems like something that should be an option to disable.
Last night I was cooking some beans. The water evaporated down too low and so it woke everyone up. I’d really rather it just notified my phone and shut off quietly. No need to wake up the whole house. Coming up to temperature? Ok, notify my phone. No need to freak out the dogs. Timer done? Great! Notify my phone and I’ll get to it when I’m good and ready - no need to irritate my wife while I’ve just popped out for some errand.

On Jan 20, you indicated this would “hopefully…be fixed soon”. Per comment by “charlesmims” on Aug 24, it appears this is still an issue. Do you have a realistic timeframe for a fix? Or is “soon” for the fix akin to saying we’ll soon be able to send humans to Mars? :blush:

Having appliances beep with no way to stop the beep is a design fail.

I have a toaster that does this. When the toast is done, it beeps. Why? Dunno. They did it because they could, I guess.

But I don’t like my toaster to beep. And I don’t need it to beep. I’m quite capable of remembering for three minutes that I’m making toast and that it’s going to be finished soon. If I could turn off the beep, I’d be happy. But I can’t. I even tried dismantling the toaster and to physically disconnect the beeper. It turned out that this was so complex and difficult that I’d probably damage the toaster. So now I’m stuck with having the damn thing beep at me every morning, all because some technophile thought that beeping was a nifty idea.

Another offender is my washing machine. It beeps when it has finished with its wash cycle, to remind me to remove the washing from the drum. Fine, no problem. But, once the washing is done, it beeps three times every thirty seconds. Forever.

It is impossible to disable the beeps. The machine does not stop beeping until the door is opened. I don’t like to rush to the machine to make it go quiet when I’m in the middle of things, especially since the machine is on a different floor, so I have to walk two flights of stairs. Yet, the beeps are loud enough to be heard through the entire house, driving everyone balmy. It should be possible to turn off the beeps. Or, alternatively, make the beeps back off. Have the machine beep a few times at 30-second intervals, and then back off to 5 minutes for a while and, thereafter, beep once every 15 minutes or so. None of these things can be done. Design fail.

Anova has made that exact same mistake. I’ve been unable to turn off the beeping from the app when cooking is done. To get the thing to stop beeping, I need to walk over and press start/stop, or power cycle the unit. I also encountered the beeping problem when the water level was a bit low. Incessant continuous beep. I added more water, which should stop the beep, but didn’t. I could get it to stop the beep by pressing the start/stop button, at least.

For the low water condition, I can see the reasoning for beeping because it can’t cook while the level is too low. But there is no excuse for beeping continuously forever. There is no safety issue either because, if the machine knows that the water level is too low, it will presumably be smart enough to not operate either the pump or the heater.

So, yes. Please make the beeps optional, so I can turn them off. Not doing customers that courtesy is patronising, at the least.

Hate it!

Hi Anova,

So what’s the update? I hope I will be able to mute the sound soon.

An Anova sous vide user

Would like to know this too. Why can’t I stop the beeping on the wifi APC from the app? Your support website says I can, but I can’t find that button when cooking is finished. I have to stop the cooker, then restart it without the timer in order for the keep warm function to operate. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Considering that it’s been months, and that many people have complained about this, I’d say the beeping hasn’t been stopped because it can’t be stopped. The idiotic behavior is probably hard-wired into the firmware, and that’s that.

Solution: stop using the Anova’s timer. It’s useless anyway. Instead, set an alarm on your phone, your use a kitchen timer, or ask your spouse to remind you at the right time. Whatever works for you. No more endless beeps…

How about some Android love while you’re fixing things…

The beeping seems to stop for me when I tap on the ok button for the “your food is now ready” notification. But having said that, I too would love an option for a totally beep-less anova please. May we have an update? It’s been about a year since the “soon” timeframe was given. @HunterC

I live in a bachelor suite and find the constant beeping to be unacceptable. If I had been aware of the issue before purchasing this unit I’d of chosen a different manufacturer in the first place. This unit is now an expensive paperweight. Not a happy customer.

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You should be able to stop any beeping. Reach out to and they will help you out with that.

@Xtoontowner you may not have read all the posts prior to yours in this thread. If you look just three entries above yours you’ll see a post by @michihenning where he says “Solution: stop using the Anova’s timer.”

I think that’s what most of us do. I know I don’t use it and honestly I don’t miss it at all. If I really need a reminder I can set an alarm on my phone. Or as Michi also mentions, you can just use a kitchen timer.

Why is that?

The cooking function is independent of the timer. As many have suggested before, don’t set the timer in the app, and use your phone timer or other similar device instead. If you do somehow trigger the timer, just tap on the display to shut it off. While I do agree that it is annoying and definitely could be improved, “paperweight” might be a little too far.

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