My app "HotTub Remote" is available for the android

Just wanted to let people know, since the name doesn’t have “Anova” in it and the search doesn’t seem to be showing the app. It’s available in the Google Play Store as Anova Sous Vide and hopefully you like it.

@ILikeToCookITCookIT Awesome! We’re looking at it now - thank you for sharing. We’d love to chat with you to hear more about it. I’ll shoot you a message shortly. Thanks!

It’s been updated several times in the last few days with new bug and feature improvements. I think I made a booboo by not putting Anova in the name. I might switch it, since it isn’t getting much traction…

@ILikeToCookITCookIT I bought your app off Google Play yesterday to use on my Gen 1 Nexus 7. Play allowed me to do this even though the 7 doesn’t have Smart Bluetooth so it won’t work. I didn’t refund the app because my Galaxy A4 does have Smart Bluetooth so I put it on that instead, but something you should look at doing is restricting sale to compatible devices. Other than that the app looks good, thanks for working on it.

Fudspong, thanks for the support and feedback. I’ve uploaded a new version(should be available in a few hours) that restricts the app to devices with Bluetooth Smart. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I can’t find it at Google Play searching “HotTub Remote”.

Sorry, it was renamed to “Anove Sous Vide”, because even searching “Anova” it would show up somewhere around 20th in the list.

I love how a handful of enterprising people can get an Android app out there while Anova releases nothing but broken promises…

@celltech We understand your frustration, we’re so sorry for the wait and we assure you that the app is in development. We’re thrilled to have such awesome community members developing apps for our device and we fully encourage it.

We’ll provide info about the Android app release once we have more concrete details on the timeline, but we don’t want to provide a date for which we aren’t sure of the delivery until we are 100% sure so we maintain the proper expectations.

Please feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions!

@ILikeToCookITCookIT I downloaded your app, and spent quite a while getting it to work. This was my first ever experience with Bluetooth, and some things simply weren’t obvious. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work like the Motorola manual said… turn on Bluetooth, go to Search for Devices, select Anova, then Enter a Passkey, which was never accepted. Curse, start over, repeat. The specs for my Motorola G didn’t list Smart but a post from @vtemkin made me think it should be do-able. So I played around with the app, basically trying things at random, until suddenly I was on a screen showing temperatures and everything! It took me a while to get back there, but I finally figured it out.

So, I think you need instructions for Bluetooth newbies. something like…

Power up the Anova and press the Bluetooth logo, it will start to blink.

Press the app on the cell phone, you will see a menu of things to cook. These are known as Profiles, you can add or edit them as you like.

Pick any one of them and press its Menu, the three vertical dots. Press Start Cooking. You may get a message telling you that an app wants to turn on Bluetooth, press Allow.

You’ll get a swirly thing as it scans for Bluetooth devices, hit Anova as soon as you see it, there’s no point in waiting any longer.

And Presto! There you are. The Cooker will start and you’ll see the temperatures, the cooking time, and even be able to change the color of the wheel. The color buttons seem slow to respond, just press for a count of two, release, and enjoy the new color.

Now, as I say, I’m new to all this stuff. Not only is it my first experience with Bluetooth, it’s my first experience with a smart-phone. Thing may be different on other phones, but with the wealth of Bluetooth experts around here, I’m sure that something universal could be worked out.


Tom, thanks for the feedback. Is it okay for me to use your instructions for the app?

Sure. You might want to add a “Test Connection” function.

Press here when the Anova’s Bluetooth LED starts to blink, then take them right to the screen.

The battle’s half won once you know that something’s possible.


Cannot find it by searching the store for Hottub Remote. Please provide a link.

It’s been renamed, try Anova Sous Vide

I agree, the author needs to post a link. I used all of the search terms. I found it only by going to the Anova Remote page and clicking on “more like this”. Not that Anova Remote is all that easy to find. Shows promise though.

I can’t edit my original post, but here’s the link to it:

@ILikeToCookITCookIT Let me know if you want me to edit it, would be happy to :slight_smile:

@ILikeToCookITCookIT Let me know if you want me to edit it, would be happy to :)

Please do :slight_smile:

@ILikeToCookITCookIT Done! In the main post in this thread - let me know if you want it added somewhere else too.

@ILikeToCookITCookIT That’s a bit reel 2 real :stuck_out_tongue: