My order is showing as non existent but money has been taken out my account

Hi there

I ordered my wifi anova for a Christmas present on 19/12. I understand it might not have been with me in time as I ordered late but when I have tracked this using the order tracking number it shows as the order not existing. I would not normally be too worried and would just re order but the money has been deducted from my account. I have read previous comments about order numbers being changed which is fine but in need to know the order is on the way or if not I would like my money transferd back so I can order again in time to use the existing ÂŁ40 discount code I have used.

Thank you


I had the same issue and figured out that you have to go to the order status update of your specific region. Hope this helps.

Hi Mark!

Thanks for helping- how do I track it
For specific region!?

Go to

Then choose Store FAQs > Shipping > Anova Holiday 2016 Shipping Schedule

Then you should see links for diffeeent regions. Click on yours and type in your order number and email.

I hope that works!

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You’re an absolute star! Thank you :slight_smile: merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays


You got yrs yet MarkFugs?

Not yet. Still sous vide-ing in my dish washer. Jokes!

Thanks so much for answering this @MarkFugs! You rule :dizzy:

@ MarkFugs. I think we ordered the same day going by yr previous posts, you will def get it next week. Merry xmas anyways.

It’ll be something to look forward to post Christmas if that’s the case. Otherwise still holding out hope for it tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to you too mate!

Hunter would you be able to give me a better place estimate if when I should be receiving mine? Ord r number UK-17603

Thank you

Hi @Sbrett! It looks like it is in processing, and will be shipping out tomorrow, it takes shipments up to 24 hours to track, so it probably has already shipped, and you will be getting tracking tomorrow. Also please send an inquiry to if you have more questions :slight_smile:

I have emailed already four days ago I understand you’re all busy. Thank you I’ll try tracking again tomorrow

Hi Hunter,

Still received no tracking… still shows up as processing…

Hey @Sbrett, I have just passed your order number to a special support team dealing with cases that have’t shipped yet. They should be getting back to you with more info shortly

So sorry again for all the delays and thanks you for being so understanding :slight_smile: