Need help for my first cooking with Anova

Hi everybody. Yesterday i recived the Anova Wi-Fi. I don’t know whath i wrong (i think there is some problem with IOS app. I have an iPhone). After the first right setup (Anova in the right position, warm water for save heating time, water level two finger under the max level) and successfully connection whith my wifi, i set time and temperature and push start on my phone. the Anova start heating water (And make a beep) after few minutes i have a notification on the phone that is time to put food in the pot. On the phone the screen change color (green to orange) for cooking time (i set one hour for example). And now the problem: the timer doesn’t work…after 5 minutes on the phone is always 00:59. Anova makes three beep. After some minutes the app notify me that my food is ready to eat😩…
Second attempt: same thing. And the Anova some Times stop. And beep. :weary::weary:. So i try leaving home After have put a duck breast in the pot whit 2 Hours and 57°(celsius). I was out for about 5 hours. In this time i rcived a lots of notifications within five minutes of each other (some one the water was ready, someone the food was ready). Some Times when i opened the app there was “start cooking” so the Anova should not have to work. After a umpteenth notification​:rage: i delete the app. But when i back home the water was at the right temperature so my duck brest was cooked for about 5 Hours!!!
So i think that Anova works, is the app that does not work.
Fourth attempt: after running for 7 minutes (the timer was 20) Anova stop workin. Then restart. Then beep. Then stop. Then three beep than stop.
Some one have the same problem or know how to fix it? I tried to reinstall it four or five time, but nothing.
Another question: where i can find some display instruction? I mean: what does it mean when the wifi icon flasching in blu? And when change the frequency of the flashing? And what does it mean one beep? And three beep?
I apologize if I have dwelt a bit ', but I am not English and do not know the language perfectly.
Anyway the duck brest was very juicy And reach of flavor…

I use the Android app, so I’m making a bit of an assumption that it works similarly to the iOS one. It is normal to set the cooking time at the same time as you set the temperature. I have attempted to manually set the time after the water has reached its optimum temperature and it doesn’t work.

The cooker will continue on its merry way without the app running. I noticed that yesterday having manually set time and temp for some potatoes directly from the cooker because both my phone and tablet were on charge so I didn’t have them in the kitchen with me. Being a disgustingly hot summer day I repaired to my shady tree in the back yard and let the potatoes do their thing in the water bath. My time sense is pretty good and the device went into its ‘finished’ beep just after I returned to the kitchen.

When I picked up my phone later, I noticed that it had push notifications from the cooker on it.

Anyway, that’s rather beside the point. I think the fault you are having is not so much with the App itself but the way you are trying to use it. Set your cook time and temperature at the start. The app will give you notice when temperature is reached and the device will start its cook countdown as soon as you hit OK.

Hope it helps.

Hi @Alessandro, so sorry you are having all these issues. Just to help you more do you have the IOS or android app? We just recently switched our app to just one for IOS, instead of the two separate ones for bluetooth and wifi. I am thinking it may be something to do with that. Is there anyway you can send me a video of what you are doing. That could help me figure out what is going on so we can get you all set up.

Thanks for reply. How can upload a video? The upload key It allows me to only upload images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif):grin:

You could try uploading the video to YouTube and linking it here.

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That’s the video
After do that i set manually temperature and timer (1 Hour) then i went to work. After about 20 minutes the app notified me that the food was ready :unamused:
I think is the app. I want to try cooking without. Any Suggestion?
Thanks a lot.
I see now in The Precision Cooker user manual that the picture of the device had the Wi-Fi incon white coloured. Mine is always flashing in blu :thinking:.
Could be this ?

Thanks @Ember! and @Alessandro, this may sounds silly, but what may be happening is that you have to press pay again once you have put your food in the pot for your timer to start. Try that and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

The status display on the iPhone app is so much clearer than the Android one.