Network issues

Is there a network issue? App will not open after install keeps losing network connection also websight will not let me send email to support the captcha times out.

Yea their app and sites are garbage. This isn’t the first time. It’s generally around important holidays when new folks are getting new devices or when you really really need a recipe, but can’t because their sites go down. Just Skip the app and set the temp and time manually on the device. It saves the frustration of their app, though you’re not leveraging the wifi or Bluetooth you paid for. I continue to make recipes that give them notes about their site in case they see it when it’s saved to their site.

I’m having the same issues here… spinning wheel in app.

To confirm, the recipes site and the recipes on the app were down yesterday. Our engineering team worked very hard yesterday on Christmas day to bring back the holiday cheer for all of our customers. The site and app is now back up! A big thanks to our team for getting this back up during the holiday season. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this. :slight_smile:

Happy holidays.