New Anova Precision doesn't heat well

I pre-ordered the new cooker, and it came last week. I wanted to cook some potatoes to 190F, but after 2 hrs, the cooker never got above 172.8F. I finished the potatoes on the stove but left the cooker running to see how long it took to get to temp. After 4 hrs it was still at 172.8. Anyone have similar experience with the new model?

How big a vessel are you using? I would contact Anova support as it should have no issue reaching 190° F.

A 12 quart cambro. My older version has no trouble in the same vessel. Have contact support, but wondered if anyone using the latest model had similar issues.

It was a long shot thinking it might be too large of a container. I have not heard of the issue. Many people never use it that high so if it is an issue they might not have seen it yet. Service should help you out. I would bet it is an issue with the sensor circuitry and you will probably get a replacement unit.