Oven: Change network settings?

Is there a way to change network settings of a connected oven, other than disconnecting it?

Seems like disconnecting and connecting is a simple method.

Please give Anova support a call about this.

Do you know something or just making an obvious post to use support instead of building a community forum?

Since the oven is so new there are few owners posting so far. I thought you might get a quicker answer from support.

If people are always directed to support the opportunity for community self help support generation is reduced. It’s also implied that support is available, but at the moment the delay is not short. Posting for someone to please do something implies you have knowledge of the issue and there is a specific need to use support for the topic. Otherwise it just seems like posting because you feel you need to contribute, but don’t really have anything to contribute. Do you own the oven?

I do not own the oven; in fact I do not think there are that many owners in total. I am not trying to discourage you from posting here and I would hope that if someone knew the answer they would post. I am not an employee of Anova. Up until the release of the oven this site dealt with Sous Vide cooking.

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