Performance (Capacity) question (temperature rise during startup)

I have a question about my new Anova Precision Cooker.
It’s a bit difficult to explain and my question is more like ‘is my device still working properly’. The first time I used it preparing vegetables at 85 degrees ©. I started with 3 - 4 liter warm water of 55 degrees from hot tab. I do remember device was strongly stirring and temperature did rise quit quickly. During the fase of the preparation after reaching 85 degrees, stirring was more easy and everything went well. But, while being outside the Kitchen I heard a big bang, but outside nothing seems to be broken. A week later I prepared meat at much lower temperature so I didn’t notice any differences. But last week I prepared vegetables again at 85 degrees and got the feeling that it took much longer to reach this temperature (about 13 minutes for 4 liter water to rise from 55 degrees to 85 degrees). The stirring during that fase was not strong at all. After reaching 85 degrees everything went well.

So my question is: has something been broken or not? What times at startup fase are normal? Is that 13 minutes normal for 4 liters water of 55 degrees centigrate to rise to 85 degrees?

Thank you for your reply,
Ronald Veloo (The Netherlands)

Please contact Support

I agree with John, support is your best source of assistance.

It is worth noting that water levels can vary the visual impact of the device’s stirring. Lower water levels will display more surface disturbance and obvious currents caused by the device’s impeller. Higher water levels can appear deceptively calm.

You can find out how long it should take here:

For what it’s worth, in a very well insulated container, my Anova matches the theoretical value almost exactly. If you have something that’s not insulated or doesn’t have a lid, you need to allow some extra time to account for the heat loss.