Precision not heating up

Got my brand new Precision in the mail today and super excited to use it! Plugged it in, it turns on and pairs with my smartphone with no issues. Water circulates but it doesn’t heat up the water. Water stays at room temp. Anything I am doing wrong or that I missed?

If you set it at a temperature higher than the water it should heat the water. If it does not heat the water I would contact customer support.
The operation is pretty simple and all you have to do is set the temperature and the water heats up.

@caliprelude, if’s answer did not help please email and they will get you fixed up.

Join the club. I received my Precision Cooker this afternoon and I'm in the same boat. Circulates great, no heat output.

Already emailed support. Hoping to hear something tomorrow

I'd be willing to drive to Stafford Texas to exchange it personally as I'm about 45 minutes away.