Repairs for out-of-warranty units?

Bought a unit in November 2015, abruptly stopped working today - had been running for about an hour then suddenly shut off - no heat, no screen, no nothing - and wouldn’t come back on. It’s past the warranty. Do you offer repairs at a reasonable cost, or do I buy a new circulator from a company that offers a lifetime warranty?

Why is it that no one offers anything better than a lifetime warranty?

How about a line of products for pet cats, they can come with a 9 lifetime warranty.

Or carbon fiber funeral urns. They should have an afterlifetime warranty.

That would be cool.

As for your dilemma, try sending @HunterC (their c/s manager) a PM, maybe she can hook you up,

Do Hindus expect a many-lifetimes warranty?

Hey all,

We are definitely looking into updating the warranty policy, but yup @notmusic send an email to support@anovaculinary and mention me and I will see what I can do for you :slight_smile:

So sorry your unit stopped working, hope we can get it back up and running.

HelloHunter, I saw this post and thought maybe you can help me out.

I was one of the kickstarter supporters and received my Anova in January 2015. However, I only started using it since December 2016 because I´ve been living overseas in Taiwan (I had a 110V in Taiwan for 2 years and never experienced problem).

Everything was fine until 2 months ago, I experienced some grinding noise which I solved by following your FAQ (
Last week the same problem occurred, and what’s more concerning is that when the noised began, I noticed that the top part of the circulator was extremely hot (I was only cooking at 115F to make yogurt), and there was a burnt rubber smell coming form the unit. I’ve never seen it like that, and I can’t find similar problems on the community. Is it normal? I’m worried that it’s unsafe to use now…

I’ve written to the support team who only apologized that my unit is out of warranty. But I’d like to stress the point that I just opened it 6 months ago and it’s already failing which is not a good sign (especially compared to my experience with my 110V unit, which I’ve been raving to my friends about).
I would really appreciate it if you can let me know if this is a common problem and if there’s a way to fix it?
Please let me know, thank you so much!