Salted pork has the texture of being brined too long

Tried bone in center cut pork chops last night. Recipe called for seasoning with salt and pepper with a cook time of 80 minutes at 135 degrees. Finished in a fry pan with butter. The chops were ok tender, but were rubbery as if they were brined a little too long. They almost squeaked when chewed. Any suggestions?

Hmm, that’s interesting. Usually when I have an experience like that I chalk it up to sub-par starting product. Mass processed pork can be a little off sometimes (not in a safety way, just quality). My other guess is maybe too long of a sear? I’ve done this as well haha.

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135°F is at the low end of temperature for pork chops. While safe the texture could be a little rubbery. Try going up to 145°F for the same time. Texture is a personal thing and it may take a couple of tries to hit on the one you like.