Seems like lots of problems with Anova cookers

Hi all, I have my Anova cooker ordered and waiting on a shipped email, while waiting and reading about recipes and the sorts I find lots of people have lots of different problems with this cooker. Just out of interest, is this cooker over rated? Who have had no problems with it as would like to get a better picture of the manufacturing quality.
Thanks for yr input.

Had mine almost two years now, zero problems! Customer service is excellent if something does go wrong. One reason I think you see a lot of problems is because Anova sells the most units. They say Fords/Chevy’s etc break down all the time too, but it’s perceived that way because the market share is so great, of course the number of problems will be greater, but the % of problems when considering the sheer number of devices in use is very, very minute.

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Meh, they’re ok. No better or worse than any other hunk of crap that’s made in China.

C/S seems to have gotten better. They had some serious teething problems when the company grew from tiny to small.

I have the original and the first version of the current model. I have had zero problems.

I am not sure what their sales volume is but I see relatively few issues with the hardware.

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