Separate registration/log-in for RECIPES and for COMMUNITY? Huh?

I’m signing into COMMUNITY just fine with my pw and email. But when I enter the same data in the RECIPE section of the ANOVA site, it’s rejected, consistently - AND: on rejecting my pw and email, the site doesn’t offer a way to actually create a new pw … there’s no “forgot my pw,” for instance. Granted, I didn’t forget it, it works fine, but only to sign in to COMMUNITY and not for RECIPES.

… anyone?

Yep, you’re right - I’m guessing that they’ve done that as they want you to use the “Login with Facebook” button - so that way you could also more easily post anything that you publish to recipes on your Facebook account.

They do also have a signup option, to create an account if you don’t want to link it with your Facebook:

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Thanks a bunch, fischersd! Both your confirmation and your possible explanation are useful … headed to check out the link, pronto.

The link worked fine … many thanks!

One more round on this one: I can now log into the Recipe section, but now it apparently won’t let me comment without signing into Facebook … yeesh. Anyone got a clue? (Looking at you again, fischersd …)

Hey @Lardy! This is something we are currently working on fixing and/or integrating the logins. Thats for the feedback! and I am pretty sure that you have to be logged on to face book to comment on the recipes pages unfortunately.

But I will pass this on and see what we can do!

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Can’t ask for more than that - thanks! I use FB in a very specific way that doesn’t allow for logging in to other sites through them … so I really appreciate that you’re considering ways of working this out.)

There is no reason you cannot use the same database for both the app and the forum. I won’t make another account, so looks like I am abandoning the app for now and using the device.

If you had the same user for the app as you did for the forums, you could do rewards/badges (for length of cooks, number of cooks, types of recipes) easily through API calls to whoever hosts your forum (Vanilla is my favorite). Then your marketing could have all of the fun with all of the analytics you would be collecting.

Any who, I am eagerly awaiting the fix for this ‘two separate accounts for the same device that aren’t connected’ issue.

@slingj I definitely hear you and thanks for the feedback. @HunterC still stands correct that we are continuing to work on integrating the logins.